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Video: Capturing the Mission’s Latin flavor

After watching the heart of the Mission District start to change, open-air artist Anthony Holdsworth set to ‘capture the Latin flavor of the Mission before it’s gone.’


AUDIO: Behind Mike Kepka’s camera

The man behind San Francisco Chronicle’s “The City Exposed” series speaks about finding his characters, getting to the heart of the story and how to break into the news business. Audio interview by Kevin Skahan.

SF State community saves on-campus polling place

After hearing the news that the San Francisco Department of Elections was relocating the University's polling place to Temple Baptist Church, the SF State community rallied together to keep it on campus.

PHOTO STORY: Dear President Obama

Protesters took to the streets of downtown Oakland to tell President Obama what was on their minds when he visited the city during a campaign fundraiser on July 23, 2012. Photos by Kevin Skahan.

PHOTO STORY: Sister Pat N Leather struts her stuff to raise money for SF charities

Sister Pat N Leather of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is a hard working woman. I tagged along with her during the summer of 2012 while she rushed off to one fundrasing event after another, supporting numerous Bay Area organizations like the Special Olympics and the Mission Resource Center. Photos by Kevin Skahan.

FEATURE STORY, VIDEOS: The new face of the Occupy Movement: Castro protesters gather to reclaim neighborhood

There were no tents. There were no portable kitchens. There were no sanitation issues. However, there was still a group of angry protesters wanting to occupy the streets of San Francisco. Metaphorically, that is.

Russian River Sisters hold candlelight vigil for victims of intolerance

With flickering candles in hand, people from all around the North Bay joined the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Oct. 10 Day of Mourning candlelight vigil in memory of the many teenagers who have reportedly committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying in recent months.